21 February 2015

A Fillip While You're Ill

image by David Castillo Dominici
There's nothing like being laid up with a head full of throbbing coals and watching your writing schedule seep away between the cracks taking your deadline with it. 

I don't do "ill", so it's probably PayBack this virus hitting so hard. Desperate for silver linings, even at the worst I was laid up on the sofa with my trusty Kindle determined to make an in-road into my monstrous To Be Read pile, despite reading the same page over and over as my body decided it would rather catch up on the previous night's coughed-through sleep.

It has, however, been joyously calming. Most of my normal reading is research-reading, so this interlude of back-to-back fiction - mostly easy to digest novellas - has been a real fillip. Medieval Romance, Humour, Post-Apocalypse, Paranormal... none of my usual fare.

When I did venture onto the Net to check emails I found a Tweet: Can I quote you in my book? How's that for a fillip? Someone thinks my words decent enough to set, if not in stone, in a how-to ebook. And with the dextrous swirl of a conjurer's hand, it has now been launched.
21 Ways to Write a Commercial Novel by Jane Holland & Victoria Lamb.

and doubtless other outlets.

That's my next reading sorted then. It'll be interesting to see in what context I've been quoted.

Take my advice, even if you're not ill, schedule in some downtime and slot in a good book. It's a great fillip. Honest.


  1. Hi, I saw your post on Goodreads in the bloggers group. Thought I would drop by to comment. I also write paranormal romance. I hope you begin to feel better from having a virus.

    1. Well, thanks for dropping by, Sylvia. Good of you to take the time. After two weeks I think I'm on the road to a mend. I'll look up your PNR. Do you have a Twitter account? @lindaacaster