30 September 2014

End of... End of... Back to the Desk

Gosh, it's the end of September. How did that happen?

Renovating, that's what happened. There's an old adge that says buy a new lamp and you'll end up buying a new table to sit it on and a new rug to stand the table on and... 

My own started with rubbing at a mark on the wallpaper. The trouble is, these things take faaaaar longer than anticipated. Not only that, I gamely thought I'd be able to write while I was decorating. Ha!

But, just as with the change in autumn colours, the new garb is both uplifting and stimulating. So, with due irony, tomorrow I shall close the door on it and decamp to my office to search out all those dusty work-in-progress notes. And blog. How about that for turning a new leaf. What did you do this summer?


  1. What did I do? Too much of everything else, and not enough writing!

    1. Ah yes, Stuart, but that's all part of revitalizing the creative well, isn't it?

    2. That's what I like to kid myself into believing! Been better today - lots of really useful editing done!

    3. But I find that usually it is. Decluttering what euphemistically passes for my working environment I found some interesting thought doodles and an entire hardcopy chapter of a work that I truly thought had escaped 'Save'. Drinks all round!

    4. Ah, the joys of the 'tidy up'. I, too, have found things I thought lost. There's a novel sitting in a ring binder, written decades ago, and begging a rewrite. One day...