11 August 2014

Supermoon Monday

I managed to see the supermoon tonight, a day late thanks to the remnants of ex Hurricane Bertha tearing across the UK over the weekend. Not that I would have realised, by eye, that the moon was a waning gibbous 97.9%. It looked bright; it looked beautiful; it looked big. I’m aware that it is a mere 356,994 kms distant, instead of the more normal 400,000+kms causing it to seem up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter.

Did it help fuel Bertha? Debatable. It certainly increased the tides. Supermoons do, and it was a phenomenon understood by our ancestors – those who built the pyramids, those who built Stonehenge. Full moons played a role in ancient belief systems, in water worship, when the guardians of those health-giving Otherworld portals were believed to be able to pass from their own plane to ours. How much more powerful did they become with the onset of a supermoon?

It is this element that plays a pivotal role in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy. It fuels a need to survive in a time that lacks belief. No matter the cost.

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