7 March 2014

Launch Day! The Bull At The Gate: Book 2 in 'Torc of Moonlight' trilogy

Yes, folks, The Bull At The Gate is here at last. 

Following on from Torc of Moonlight, Nick has moved to York, a walled mediaeval city of crooked, half-timbered buildings and tight cobbled streets where historical re-enactment groups of Viking longshipmen thrill the tourists. Yet deep in the crypt of York Minster sit the foundations of an earlier occupation, the Roman fortress of Eboracum that garrisoned both the infamous Ninth Legion and the Sixth Victrix.

When one of Nick's colleagues is reported missing and the police begin to ask awkward questions about Alice, an artefact from the Temple of Mithras appears on his desk. A clever reproduction, or a 1700 year old relic looking as new as if it had been made yesterday?
"...really raises the hairs at the back of the neck..."

It is live on Amazon for Kindle, and on Smashwords for both mobi (Kindle) and ePub format for Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc, and will be filtering through to those sites for direct sales within the next few days.

For those who prefer to read a paperback, you are not forgotten, but it will be some weeks before that is available.

For the first time I am engaging in a blog-hop, and I have a schedule on page Coming Soon! It's going to be a busy weekend. Wish me luck!

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