21 February 2014

#TheBullAtTheGate Pre-Launch Promo 1 - Discounts!

Exciting news just in from one of my advanced readers - no, it's hush-hush as to tell all would mean a spoiler. But it proves that a lot can happen in a few days. I've also found that sometimes it's hard to keep up with technology. 

"...pacey and fascinating..."
Partly as a trial run for *Visibility* purposes, I am discounting the Kindle edition of my Native American Historical, Beneath The Shining Mountains, from its usual $2.99 / £2.00 to 99c / 77p from today until midnight 3rd March. According to Amazon's instructions it would take around 12 hours to filter through. It took one hour to go live on the USA/UK sites - which took me somewhat by surprise.

But what, I hear you mutter, if readers don't have a Kindle? That's where the speed of technology has overtaken me. It is available in all eformats on Smashwords but due to the time constraints of feeding price changes to its distributors I've gone instead for a Discount Coupon Code. This I will be offering first to my Newsletter subscribers. Now there's an incentive to subscribe (top right - easy-peasy).

Beneath The Shining Mountains has gained nine 5 star reviews on Amazon.com since it was published - or republished by me - it sold 30,000 copies in print when it first saw the light of day under another title.

Watch out for the Tweets, or you can help spread the word by Tweeting this blog. It's all very much appreciated. And for those who haven't read it yet, enjoy the novel.

PS: Saturday 22nd I'm blogging about this novel, with an excerpt, at HistoricalFictionExcerpts

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