29 June 2013

Pirates Ahoy - Phishing in Progress

Just as a friend’s Twitter account was hacked by what looked like Eastern European “lovelies”, I found my Native American Beneath The Shining Mountains had been pirated.

‘Heck,’ said Hubby, ‘they must think it’s good!’
I won’t dwell on my response to that, suffice to say that he’s recovering. I’ll just muse that perhaps up to now I’ve been lucky.

I determined to send a take-down notice via the site’s contact form which helpfully offered If you want to remove your books, please contact us with the form below… Except, of course, the contact form went nowhere when I hit Send – or appeared to, which is when my ‘oh shit’ antenna started twitching. And yes, a quick search of the Net, which I agree I should have done first, pulled up the suspicion from various sources that my novel was being used, with many others, as bait in a Phishing scam. After all, what site offering free ebooks needs to litter its pages with images of credit and debit cards?

While I wait to see what comes through in the way of spam, consider what the naïve site user may be facing. Whatever your financial situation $2.99/£1.99 from a reputable ebookstore really is amazingly cheap for an eight hour read.


  1. And a damned good read at that, Linda.

  2. Thanks, Stuart. I wasn't just thinking of mine, though, but any author's, or at least Indie author's for that price.