19 May 2013

Launch Day! "Reading A Writer's Mind..." Paperback

Yay! It's launch day for the paperback edition of Reading A Writer's Mind: Exploring Short Fiction - First Thought To Finished Story. It joins the ebook which has been out some time.  

As you may have guessed, the book does what it says in its title. Here's the blurb:

From initial idea, through the story itself, to a commentary explaining the decisions made during its creation, this book leads the reader through the detailed thinking behind the writing of ten stories across a range of genres:

  • Lyrical narrative v terse dialogue (Mainstream)
  • Characterisation through deed and thought (Horror)
  • A calendar structure using the Tell technique (Women's Fiction)
  • The importance of pacing (Twist in the Tale)
  • The use of alliteration, rhythm and subliminal detailing (Romance)
  • Using the Show technique to elicit a reader response (Drama)
  • Building fiction with an unsympathetic narrator (Crime)
  • Working with parallel storylines via past and present tense (SF)
  • Conjuring the weird from the everyday (Fantasy)
  • Writing for performance and sound effects (Historical) 
  • Editing: ten common problems explored.  

The recommended price is £8.99 / $13.99 but it is enjoying the benefit of discounts:
Amazon UK ¦ Amazon USA ¦ Barnes and Noble USA
Book Depository for free worldwide shipping
Signed copies from Fantastic Books Publishing

...a fascinating insight...            ...great coaching advice...
 For those who prefer to e-read, the ebook of Reading A Writer's Mind has been updated to match the contents of the paperback and is available for £2.00 / $2.99:
Amazon Kindle UK ¦ Amazon Kindle USA ¦ Nook ¦ Kobo ¦ iBookstore ¦ Smashwords

If you are a reader who has always wondered how a writer produces a short story, or a beginner writer desperately trying to decide how best to proceed, this book is for you.

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