15 April 2013

Newsletter out - What next?

The Newsletter is finally winging its way. I hope recipients enjoy it, and the attachments. There are times when I like fiddling with technology, and discovering how to add in pdf downloads was one of them.

Next up is proofing the textblock for Reading A Writer's Mind... The revamped cover, ready for the paperback, has been with me a week and the textblock should have been waiting for it. Alas, I have not yet managed to clone myself and I was too immersed in the current chapter of BatGate to give it the uninterrupted time it needs. 

I also need to make notes on a damned good idea that came as I dragged myself into the light this morning. The genre is Crime and it has to do with clocks. Oh dear, another parallel universe beckons. If I Google 'how to create a clone' do you think.... eek! There is. That is too weird, even for me.


  1. And, as ever, Linda, you give us matter that both teases and informs. The sample draws us in and makes a reader want to have the rest right now. The history tour is rich with detail and, for anyone who doesn't already know the city of York, must be a real tempter. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for that, Stuart. Yes, it might not have been such a brilliant idea to set the wheels in motion for 'The Bull At The Gate' when the novel isn't ready for launch. You're the second person to say they want it *now*.

    York is a brilliant city, and like everywhere fairly close to hand we tend to see what we've always seen. Not until a bit of research leads to actually 'looking' do we see what lies beneath the surface. I had - and have - a fantastic time following the snickleways and thinking about the people who used them over a thousand years ago. A writer's heaven.