8 April 2012

A New Page

After a six week lay-off to attend to family commitments, it is time to re-assess The Plan and move back into gear.

The Bull At The Gate, the sequel to Torc of Moonlight, has been resurrected and I'm going through Chapter 2. It's set in York, a city with more history per square metre than London, and in keeping with Torc the story is based in very real streets. With Torc I spent a lot of time in Hull walking the areas I was using and taking photographs. I did the same in York, but this time there is the added bonus of StreetView from Googlemaps. It is already proving a boon, and saving me sifting through digital photographs which should be filed far better than they are. [Slapped wrist]

But to start me off I have a spotlight for my Mediaeval Historical Hostage of the Heart across at Historical Fiction Excerpts What, exactly, has the Lady Dena been given to drink? And what will happen if she doesn't?

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