28 September 2011

Thanks to my knights on Eastgate

There's nothing like living in a small town for people coming to your aid in a time of trauma. I'd like to thank the young man and the woman with the dog, and everyone else who showed concern when I decided to audition for a starring role in Swan Lake across Eastgate crossroads - either that or I was attempting to make a leap for an imaginary try line with my shopping. All I could think of as the tarmac was rushing up to meet my face was "my mother did just this in August".

Thankfully I didn't end up in A&E, but managed to walk home with the shopping, though hobble would be a better description by the time I had the key in the lock. I'm going to be sporting an large irridescent bruise across one foot by tomorrow. There has never been a better use for frozen peas.

Good job I'd bought some.

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  1. You're welcome, Theokun. Thanks for dropping by to say so.

    I'm currently transferring data from old to new laptop, and changing OS, mail client, et al, hence not responding in a timely manner.

    Regards - Linda