7 August 2011

Torc of Moonlight - Introducing Characters - The Other

And me? Do you ignore me?

You cannot ignore me; I am everywhere. I cling to you in the dew. I caress your skin in the rain. I am the morning mist you breathe. You drink me as you lick your lips.

The old fool set the path for me. The young fool became my beating heart. Alisssss believes she holds the secret. She is the secret. My secret.

Did they speak of Yslan? Yslan the forgotten? No. Yslan with her toad magic. Yslan with her acolytes. Yslan ignored me.

Ignore me and I will tear you apart. I am Ognirius Licinius Vranaun, and I will pass through to stand with you.

Just as I did with them.

Torc of Moonlight - $2.99 / £2.10
Also available in paperback.

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