23 July 2011

Torc of Moonlight - Introducing Characters - Julia

To complement this month’s summer sale of Torc of Moonlight, I take pleasure in introducing Julia Marshall, hypno-therapist, and a close friend of Leonard Harkin.
I’m sorry, I realise you’ve come a long way, but I shall have to make this short. I have a very full diary and hadn’t realised this appointment had been slipped in by my administrator. Yes, clients. I’m a leader in stress management attached to a number of medical groups in the Oxford area. I help people sustain their rehabilitation. Heart attack, stroke, those on stringent medical diets. Drug rehabilitation? Only those being weaned off prescribed…

I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. You are here about the medical benefits of hypnotherapy counselling..? Leonard? Do you have credentials I could see, please? You’re not from the media? The police? Then, I’m sorry, I don’t understand the connection— 

I’ve never visited Hull. Yes, I come from the York area; I know it’s only an hour’s drive. No, I wasn’t there at college with Leonard. He was a student at York, I was younger. We met as young people do and became friends. For a while lovers, yes. Whether my parents approved or not is of no consequence to you. My—? Who gave you information about my mental health? It was an incorrect diagnosis, a mere label affixed by so-called professionals of the era. Had there been hypno-therapy counselling then… And before you ask that is exactly why I became involved in this line of work. Leonard? Leonard believed me. He was the only one who did. He might not have understood, but he believed me, and that is why we have remained in touch over the years. I know nothing about his current relationships, nor do I wish to. His private life is his own. As is mine.

I'm sorry, we seem to be at cross purposes. I was under the impression that you were here to learn about the benefits of

Alice? No, I’ve never met her. She is not a consort of Leonard Harkin. I know because I’ve met her boyfriend. Yes, Nicholas Blaketon. Plays contact sports, I believe. He looks the type, has a… presence about him. Mother Earth Society? An unfortunate lapse of judgement on Mr Harkin’s part, I agree, but I understand it disbanded some time ago. Pagan? Well, I would have thought that went with the group’s euphemistic title. I know nothing of any so-called rites.

Newtondale Spring? I believe it’s a tourist attraction. Three Wives…? I’ve not heard of that one. I’d be more inclined to visit the Christian abbeys on the North York Moors – Byland, Rievalx, Fountains – yes, there is a horse carved into the chalk escarpment. Maps? The abbey ruins can be found on modern maps, certainly, but not the reason they were built there.

I’m sorry, I shall have to cut it short. I have a client appointment so I need to leave. I’m sure my administrator will organise refreshments for you. Thank you for showing an interest in my work. You’ll find leaflets about the benefits of hypno-therapy on the…  No, I don’t travel north. There’s a definite chill up there. It can be debilitating to someone sensitive to it. But you'll be fine. Having met you, I’m sure you’ll be fine.
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