30 March 2011

Reviews! Reviews!

It’s great getting reviews, and I know I should show a little decorum – it comes with being a Brit – but…. Yayyy!!!

Two Ends Of The Pen gives Torc of Moonlight 4.5* “…The riveting climax of the story will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Is it real or a nightmare?  Can you drown in a hallucination?”

Readers Favorite gives Beneath The Shining Mountains 5*  "...an interesting story that is easy to get caught up in. The characters are captivating... Highly recommended."
Goodreads member Rita gives Torc of Moonlight 5* "...Great story, very atmospheric. Some of the images stay with you after you've read it....I'm looking forward to reading the next book 'The Bull at The Gate'."

Leetid's Reading gives Beneath The Shining Mountains  4* "...This was an interesting read as it was completely different to all the other romances I have read and it was a nice change. It was a good book..."

Amazon.com reader Toni V Sweeney gives Torc of Moonlight 5* "...the vivid descriptions made the countryside and the various Celtic sites come alive. Sad, haunting, even poignant, the characters of Nick, his beloved Alice, and Leonard are finely drawn to make us care about them..."

There are more, but let's let's calm down here.

The big surprise is how, for a non-erotic historical romance, Beneath The Shining Mountains has been embraced in the USA and Europe. As more e-readers are sold in the UK perhaps it will get picked up here, too. And I've no doubt, now, that Torc of Moonlight will catch up in sales. It's certainly gaining admirers among those who have read it.

Do all Indies a favour... review that novel you're reading. You may never speak to the author direct, but I'll guarantee they'll be pleased.

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