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5 March 2014

#TheBullAtTheGate Pre-Launch Promo2 - New Discounts!

Torc of Moonlight, book 1 in the trilogy of the same name, is now on offer at 99p / 99c as an opener for book 2 The Bull At The Gate, which is going live at the end of the week. Amazon is quick off the mark and the link should jump direct to a reader's personal region - the wonders of technology! 

Distribution through Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc, has passed vetting (by a human, no less) and the price change will be feeding through to the stores in the next few days. In the meantime grab a copy in ePub format via Smashwords.

It is also Read An Ebook Week until 8th March - yes, it passed me by, too. I have kept the ePub version of Beneath The Shining Mountains on offer at 50% discount. Add in the coupon code shown on its page at the checkout.

The launch of The Bull At The Gate is now moving into white-hot mode. Call back, or have this blog brought to your Inbox when a new post is live.

Happy reading!

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