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26 May 2013

Fantasy Spotlight - Torc of Moonlight

It's all go! Quite by chance I've found myself, or at least Torc of Moonlight, featured on Andrew Butcher's Butcher's Blog. He's just started a listing for all subgenres of Paranormal Fantasy and the novel is one of his first.

There must be something in the air as this comes hard on the heels of a cracking review just listed on SantsRants:
"...Torc of Moonlight is no light snack it's a gourmet meal. Acaster weaves rich descriptive language into the plot. She seasons with diverse and interesting historical detail. Spice is added with an arrogant and ancient spirit hell bent on revenge.... An intelligent, interesting and well researched novel that was a pleasure to read."
Thanks Darren. And Thanks Andrew.