The Historicals

I love accessible historical detail, and my novels have the whisper of a thriller about them. From medieval Welsh borderlands to 1830s life on the American grasslands, be immersed in the beliefs and mores of a different age and a different culture.

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Native American Historical Romantic Suspense
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1830s Northern Plains of America. Among the Apsaroke Crow people Moon Hawk yearns for the love of Winter Man, but why would a man with so many lovers want to take a wife?

Her wry challenge  captures Winter Man's attention and starts a game of tease and spar that threatens devastating consequences to her family and to Winter Man. A story of  horse raiding and buffalo hunts, honour among rival warrior societies, and one woman's determination to wed the man of her dreams.

For many years I was a member of a Northern Plains Peoples re-enactment group, giving talks to schools and community groups. Beneath The Shining Mountains was written from my research and enthusiasm for a way of life now passed.



Mediaeval Romantic Suspense
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September 1066: the northern militia has been raised to support the new English king, leaving the Welsh marches dangerously unprotected. Rhodri ap Hywel sweeps down the valley to reclaim by force stolen lands, taking the Saxon Lady Dena as a battle hostage.

But who is the more barbaric: a man who protects his people by the strength of his sword-arm, or Dena’s kinsfolk who swear fealty to a canon of falsehoods and refuse to pay her ransom? Betrayed as worthless, can she place her trust, and her life, in the hands of a warrior-knight shielding dark secrets of his own? And when the tables are turned, where dare she stand?