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I've created stories since a child, but it wasn't until it became a requirement at senior school for these to be written complete with grammar and punctuation that I recognised my forte. Even by age eleven my ambition was to have a book in the local library carrying my name down its spine. 

It proved a longer road than I'd anticipated, as all good things are. Along the route I've done stints as a speaker and workshop leader, a creative writing tutor, and a reader for a London literary consultancy. And became a published author of 70+ short stories covering a wide range of genres, novels and novellas, three series and numerous stand-alone how-to articles for the writing press, culminating in a non-fiction guide Reading A Writer's Mind. 

My most quirky? Writing a Western for a dare. Wipe yur boots an' tip yur hat to Tyler Brentmore.  I shall have to make a return visit to that gent; he'll be running out of vittles.

If you want to drop me a line, do so at lind.acaster[AT] - just prove you're not a spambot by completing the Krypton Test with the square brackets and you're good to go.

Or catch me on Twitter @LindaAcaster ¦ Facebook ¦ Goodreads ¦ LibraryThing ¦ Am Authorpage


I send out a monthly (or occasional!) Newsletter highlighting offers, keeping readers abreast of the research material cluttering my desk or which title is appearing, bright and shiny, at various online retailers. I use Mailchimp which guards email addresses with a fire-breathing dragon and offers a handy unsubscribe button with each email if you decide you've had enough. Can I be fairer? You'll even get freebies for joining. Hit this LINK.