The Chillers

I started my career writing Shorts, all seventy-plus of them, though the Chillers of the period were a mix of speculative fiction genres published in magazines such as Beyond, World Wide Writers, and Dark Horizons. Although I don't tend to go in for gorefests, the short story Contribution to Mankind certainly hit the spot, or several according to its purchasing editor. It features in both the collection bearing its name, and is dissected - how apt - in Reading A Writer's Mind.

THE PAINTINGS - a novella
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For Kristen Jeffries it was supposed to be an afternoon's appointment to assess paintings.
The client was supposed to be the owner.
The paintings were supposed to be signed.
So why is police tape hanging from the apartment's door?

There is more to this story than meets the eye, the ending caught me by surprise and I'm now looking forward to reading the follow up... a well researched novella with clues wonderfully placed to give a generous slice of atmospheric horror...

SCENT OF THE BÖGGEL-MANN - a short read (10k words)
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Some Lots are best left in the auction room.

Elaine haunts auctions held in crumbling country mansions, dreaming of a find to make her and Gary rich. A plain wooden shipping trunk has no key to its iron-banded locks but is far heavier than it should be. What might it contain? Finding out could change someone's life. Or end it. ideal short read with a bit of a bite ... seriously scary ... really enjoyed it!

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CONTRIBUTION TO MANKIND and other stories of the DARK 
a collection of six short stories of Speculative Fiction
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Our Tyke: selling a shop isn't easy, especially when it's haunted
The Lake: join a sight-seeing detour not in the brochure.
A Glimmer in the Night: A  man seeks treasure, seeks truth. Sometimes both lie hidden for a reason.
Doppelganger: participating in a cabaret frees more than inhibitions.
Harvester World TZ29-4: caught in the trap of an off-planet deployment.
Contribution to Mankind: sink estate joyriders; who's carrying the card?

...the author has an uncanny knack of undermining assumptions so that the reader finds her stories end rather differently from what might have been expected ...beautiful prose; a cracking read...